Concrete Additions in Tampa

Installing concrete additions in Tampa, Florida

Additional Concrete Services For Home And Business in Tampa

We have achieved rapid growth in the last few years because of our professionalism, knowledge, and expertise. As far as contracts, equipment, and employees go, we have grown. The Tampa area and surrounding communities are currently served by our concrete services. It is due largely to the outstanding service and outstanding workmanship that we have maintained an excellent reputation in the concrete industry.

You might not fit into one category for your needs or projects. It is precisely for this reason that Concrete Contractors of Tampa always take on projects that aren’t the most traditional. Our team has decades of experience handling a wide range of construction projects, and we do much more than just concrete work. You can customize the installation you want for the home of your dreams. Known as a trusted contractor, Concrete Contractors of Tampa gets the job done well. We are known for our flexibility and innovative problem-solving skills when it comes to adding more concrete structures or fixtures. Whatever your needs are, we are there for you. From a new room to excavating land, we are here to help you.

How We Can Help!

Licensed, bonded, and insured, we are a concrete installation and repair company in Tampa, Florida. It’s a great idea to use us because we offer a variety of services, such as:

  • RV Pads
  • Patios
  • AC Pads
  • Basketball Slabs
  • And More Additional Services For Home And Business!

For more information on our other services for both homes and businesses, call or e-mail us today.

RV Pads

Concrete Contractors of Tampa will install an RV pad for you if you’ve recently purchased an RV, and you need a place to park it when you’re not traveling with it. The RV pads we provide are properly installed so their weight will not damage the vehicle for several years.


Our concrete patios are not only designed to look great but also offer you and your family years of enjoyment. The value of your home can also be improved with the help of a patio.

Concrete AC Pads

We provide AC pads as one of our less frequently requested, yet very important services. Outside your home, your air conditioning system sits on concrete pads called AC pads. If you have an AC pad, it is important that it is constructed properly to prevent any vibrations when the unit is operating.

Basketball Slabs

You can have extra recreational space installed and repaired by our team if you need a basketball court for you and your family. On a basketball court designed by our team, you can practice your crossover dribble and your jump shot.

Contact us today to find out how much it will cost to add a floor to your home or business. During your home consultation, our contractors will outline your options for concrete addition services. Let us help you by calling us today at (813) 592-4498 for information about the services we provide.